February 14, 2024

Why this? Why you? Why now?

I first tried answering these questions from Bernadette Jiwa about 4 years ago, just before I published my first book, and just before the pandemic drove thoughts such as this from most people’s minds.

So, since I am at the beginning of my second book, I thought I’d answer them again.

Why this?

Because all the small business employers I’ve met want:

  • to delight their customers or clients in their own unique way.
  • to do right by everyone who works with them.
  • to grow a business that has them in its DNA, but doesn’t depend on them.
  • to build a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.

And it’s hard to do all of these things at the same time. Especially when life means you have to leave your business for a while – to have a baby, take sick leave, become a carer, write a book.

Why you?

Because I’ve been helping businesses to solve this problem for a while now, and I know it works. Also because I want to see more amazing businesses like these get bigger, last longer, and generally thrive.

Why now?

If we want a better world for everyone (if we want a world we can live in at all), we must find a better way of doing business.  Big business won’t change fast enough, so we small business owners must make it happen from the bottom up.


Not much has changed really.

What would your answers be?