Discipline makes Daring possible.

Shopping around

Shopping around

Marketing a ‘brand’ is all about getting customers to stop looking elsewhere.  To shrink each individual’s market down to a single option.

Once a customer trusts what the name stands for, the Promise it makes, that brand becomes their go-to purchase, saving them the time and effort of shopping around.

The temptation for the brand is to take that trust for granted, and chip away at the Promise that’s actually delivered, hoping that the customer won’t notice.

Properly functioning markets are better for customers, better for innovation, better for small players.

It’s part of our duty as good consumers to keep them functioning well.

That means shopping around.

Try it.

You might be surprised by what you find.  You might find you’re being taken for granted.  You might find a much better value option where you least expected it.  The least that will happen is that your favourite brands are kept on their toes.


Discipline makes markets possible.

Promises, promises

Promises, promises

We all make promises, all the time.   And more often than we would like, we break them.

Life happens.  The unexpected happens.  Sometimes they were promises we should never have made.  However painful, those breaks can be understood and accepted.

To make a promise you have no intention of even trying to keep is unforgivable.

What is this thing we call ‘The Boss’? The Monster’s view.

What is this thing we call ‘The Boss’? The Monster’s view.

I am not a monster.

I’m a gap.

The gap between what you, Founder, have in your mind’s eye, and what you Team, have in yours.

Between you, you fill that gap with a monster. With your assumptions and presumptions, your takings for granted and second-guessings of motivation.

You make everyone owls when they want to be flowers.

You make everyone Hydes when they want to be Jekylls.

You make fog where there should be clarity and purpose.

You make mediocrity where there should be excellence.

You make a straitjacket where there should be a springboard.

You build a pin-factory where there should be an orchestra.

You make noise where there should be be music.

You focus on me when you should be focusing on the people and the world, you serve.

You, Founder, you, Team, between you, you make me a monster.

But you can unmake me.


All you have to do is share with each other.

Founder, share your system for making and keeping promises with the team. Team, share your ideas for doing it better with the Founder.

Everyone, share the work of doing it. Not just the concrete tasks, but the emotional labour, the feelings.  Not just the technicalities, but the customer experience, the bit that wows..

Make everyone a Boss, and watch your floor become a springboard, owned by everyone. With enough give to support different people, enough resistance to help them really take off. Watch that pin-factory morph into an orchestra, delivering customer-delighting performances that have people coming back for more.

That thing you all call ‘The Boss’.

It’s not a monster.

It’s just a gap.

When you close it, ‘the Boss’ will disappear.

And everyone will be free.


Discipline makes Daring possible.

Ask me how.