About me

I’ve never liked being told what to do. Or being made to fit a standard mould.

Luckily I’ve had bosses who liked that. Who knew they could describe a destination, however vaguely, and trust me to find the best way to get there.

I’m a bit of a pathfinder.

Not everyone is.

Some of your people prefer to know more about where they’re headed.

That doesn’t mean they want to be told what to do. It just means they’d like to have a map, or a score to follow.

I hate telling other people what to do.

That’s why, over a long and wandering career, I’ve been fascinated by finding the best way to create effective maps and scores for the people who make up amazing businesses.

Maps that set direction without prescribing an exact route. That enable people to travel confidently, with freedom to discover new things along the way.

Scores that free people to take responsibility, to be more human, more themselves at work.

That release me from having to be ‘The Boss’ and tell them what to do.

I like being my own boss. I’ve never wanted to be anyone else’s.

Maybe you don’t want to be either. Or maybe, for whatever reason, you can’t be right now.

Then I’m here to help you disappear.