February 15, 2024

Does any of this strike a chord with you?

Halfway through my writing course, and still at the very beginning of my second book, this is where I’m at:

Promise: How to keep people doing things the way they should be done when you can’t be in the room. Before you leave the room.

Insight: It’s not a delegation problem, or a management problem. It’s a communication problem. Which makes it easier to fix.

Reader Profile: Small business employers (between 3 and 9 people (who could be sub-contractors) including themselves); who run a successful business where their carefully hand-crafted customer experience is crucial to success; who need to leave their amazing business thriving while they go and do something else (e.g. have a baby, take medical leave, care for a parent, write a book, have a holiday…).

Who it’s not for: Start-ups. One-man bands. Businesses that don’t have a distinctive customer experience. Business owners who never want to take a holiday, have a baby, start another business, retire or die. Business owners who don’t have at least 1 month to do something before they have to leave.

What it won’t cover: How to create an amazing customer experience. You already have that. The minutiae of delegation or automation (although I do have recommendations).

Recommendation Triggers: “I have to go and do X. I can’t put it off.

How do I keep my income up while I’m away?

How do I make sure I have a business to come back to?

How do I make sure my clients stay with the business when I’m not there?

How do I make sure my people keep their jobs?

How do I make sure people do things right while I’m away?

How do I get everything handed over before I leave so I don’t have to worry about it?”

I’d love your feedback. Does any of the above strike a chord with you?

If so, what?

Thank you.