Discipline makes Daring possible.



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What is this thing we call ‘The Boss’? The Monster’s view.

What is this thing we call ‘The Boss’? The Monster’s view.

I am not a monster.

I’m a gap.

The gap between what you, Founder, have in your mind’s eye, and what you Team, have in yours.

Between you, you fill that gap with a monster. With your assumptions and presumptions, your takings for granted and second-guessings of motivation.

You make everyone owls when they want to be flowers.

You make everyone Hydes when they want to be Jekylls.

You make fog where there should be clarity and purpose.

You make mediocrity where there should be excellence.

You make a straitjacket where there should be a springboard.

You build a pin-factory where there should be an orchestra.

You make noise where there should be be music.

You focus on me when you should be focusing on the people and the world, you serve.

You, Founder, you, Team, between you, you make me a monster.

But you can unmake me.


All you have to do is share with each other.

Founder, share your system for making and keeping promises with the team. Team, share your ideas for doing it better with the Founder.

Everyone, share the work of doing it. Not just the concrete tasks, but the emotional labour, the feelings.  Not just the technicalities, but the customer experience, the bit that wows..

Make everyone a Boss, and watch your floor become a springboard, owned by everyone. With enough give to support different people, enough resistance to help them really take off. Watch that pin-factory morph into an orchestra, delivering customer-delighting performances that have people coming back for more.

That thing you all call ‘The Boss’.

It’s not a monster.

It’s just a gap.

When you close it, ‘the Boss’ will disappear.

And everyone will be free.


Discipline makes Daring possible.

Ask me how.

4 rules for conservation

4 rules for conservation

This weekend’s lesson from “Braiding Sweetgrass” was a lovely one for me.

4 rules for conservation:

  • “Only take what you need.”
  • “Never from the first you see (it might be the last one).”
  • “Never take more than half.”
  • “Only take what is given.”

That last one is the kicker.   Sometimes the universe knows what you really need better than you, and tells you so.  If you have to wrest what you think you need from the earth, break branches to pull it from the tree, if it feels like dragging blood out of a stone, whoever you’re asking isn’t ready to give themselves yet.

The only thing to do in that case, is to think about what you need, not what you want.   Better still, think about what that being you’re asking to give really needs.

Then come back and try again.


Discipline makes Daring possible

Express yourself

Express yourself

Starting a business is largely about you.  Expressing your passions, your purpose, your vision.

But it can’t be only about you.

The secret is to express yourself in a way that resonates with other people.   That allows them to express something about themselves too.

Some will want to be customers, others will want to help you do more of it, still others will want to bask in the glow of your success.

Your business starts with you.  But it mustn’t end there.

Building it as a system for making and keeping promises is an excellent way to remind yourself of this.


Discipline makes daring Possible



A commodity is a product that is easily interchangeable with other products that perform the same function.



Washing machines.






Management consultants.


Wherever there are many almost indistinguishible options, those things become a commodity.

To a potential buyer, the only thing that matters about them is their price.  Not how they are produced, or where, or who by.


You don’t have to join in.

Discipline makes Daring possible.

Ask me how.