February 6, 2024

My manifesto for small business growth and productivity

The first thing that would be on my manifesto is this:

Do something worth doing. Make only “Good Profit”.

that benefits:

  • Your inner ecosystem
  • Your client’s inner ecosystem
  • The ecosystem of your organization and the inner ecosystems of everyone involved in it
  • The ecosystem of the community of which your organization is a part 
  • The greater ecology of the planet

And helps everyone concerned to be more human, to have more of what they really want:

  • Agency – to make our own ‘me-shaped’ dent in the universe.
  • Mastery – to learn and master (even teach) new skills.
  • Autonomy – to be free to choose how we make our dent.
  • Purpose – to do this for something bigger than ourselves, that has meaning beyond the sale.
  • Community – to do all this with ‘people like us’.
    • Status – to know (and for others to know) where we stand in our communities.

That’s a long list of constraints, but there is plenty of Good Profit to made within them:

  • Anything that truly lifts more people into the ‘safe and just space for humanity’
  • Anything that truly pulls our planetary impact back into the ‘safe and just space for humanity’.
  • Anything that truly keeps people and their impacts inside the ‘safe and just space for humanity’

How does your business match up?