January 17, 2024

Going Pro

“A critical characteristic of a profession is the need to cultivate and exercise professional discretion – that is, the ability to make case by case judgements that cannot be determined by an absolute rule or instruction”

Getting to be a pro at anything is usually a long process. The canonical 10,000 hours of experience and practice.

But you can speed that process up.

First, by making sure practice is of the right kind – always at the edge of what’s already known, extending powers rather than merely repeating them.

Second by condensing the hours of practice into longer, more intense and frequent bursts of intentional simulation rather than leaving it to chance by learning ‘on the job’. And making this a regular occurrence. Even better make it part of the job, done with peers.

And third, by supporting the parts that aren’t yet pro with a framework of context, process, prompts, and guidance, so there’s always something for the aspiring pro to fall back on when they’re doing it for real.

You won’t get there in 60 weeks, but you probably could in 120, or 180.

Imagine everyone in your team is learning like this. Every one of them turning pro, fast.

What could that do for your business?

Discipline makes Daring possible.

Ask me how.