November 15, 2023

Orchestra or pin factory?

What’s the difference?

In a pin factory, people are ‘hands’. In an orchestra, people are players.

In a pin factory each ‘hand’ performs the same repetitive task over and over again to feed the next ‘hand’. In an orchestra, skilled professionals collaborate to produce a total effect for their audience.

In a pin factory, ‘hands’ are expected to leave themselves at the door, so that every pin is certain to be identical. In an orchestra, professionals are encouraged to put something of themselves into each performance, so that every performance is certain to be unique.

A pin factory is co-ordinated by supervisors and a stopwatch. Sometimes, the supervisors are robots. An orchestra is co-ordinated by a score and a conductor. Sometimes, the conductor is also a player.

A pin factory relies on a hierarchy of power. An orchestra relies on a pool of talent.

These are extremes of course. There’s a sliding scale between them.

Where are you on that slider?

Where do you want to be?

Discipline makes Daring possible.

Ask me how.