August 22, 2023

The Disappearing Bosses Club

It’s taken a little while, but The Disappearing Bosses Club is finally here.

If you’re an overloaded, purpose-driven small business employer, who wants to make an even bigger impact within the next couple of years, this might be the club for you.

If you’re planning to sell your business in the next couple of years, and want to maximise the value you get, and minimise the strings attached, this might be the club for you.

If you know you want your employees to own your business, and you want to help them learn to run it without you before you go, this might be the club for you.

The Disappearing Bosses Club opens its doors in September, to 7 participants.

Check it out, and register your interest here:

I’m Kirsten Gibbs, Boss Disappearer, and I can help you write your Customer Experience Score , to make your business easier to run, easier to grow, easier to sell if that’s what you want, and easier to build into a legacy you’ll be proud of.

Discipline makes Daring possible

A special thank you to the lovely Phoebe Weston for making me make this.