August 18, 2023

One hundred and sixty!

In January 2023, I joined the 1% Club.

And it’s been brilliant.

Simply by moving as many days as I can – taking a walk, exercising in my back garden, visiting open art studios for a Saturday, I’ve not only kept myself fitter, I’ve enabled trees to be planted where they need to be planted.

A whole 160 of them.

No big deal, you might think.

Except that by moving ourselves together, since January the 1% Club has planted over 20,000 trees.

If you are looking for just that extra bit of accountability, to get you doing what you know you need to do for your health – for what you want to do, but are all too easily distracted from – I recommend the 1% Club.

If you are suffering from climate anxiety, I recommend the 1% Club. It’s a brilliant way to do yourself some good and do the planet some good at the same time. Not just because being active outdoors is good for you, but because the 1 percenters are also a lovely positive, supportive bunch of people.

If you’re looking for a way to get started on climate action, I recommend the 1% Club. Who can object to planting more trees where they are needed, to helping people around the world to regenerate their landscapes and themselves?   Who knows where you might go next?

A tiny bit of Discipline can make a lot of Daring possible.

Thank you Tash Acres for starting it.

And thanks, Cristina Anason-Lewis for the loan of your graphic.