March 24, 2023

What if…

What if, for the price of a couple of coffees every month, you could do yourself good and do your planet good at the same time?

What if, just by getting more active than you would ordinarily be once a day – through yoga, a walk, a run, a game of footie with your kids, whatever way works for you – you could plant up to 31 trees every month?

A tree that absorbs carbon, emits oxygen, supports a host of wildlife and restores vital habitat?

You can, and it’s so easy it’s ridiculous.

I’m not a big fitness freak, but even I’ve planted 52 trees since January.

All you have to do is join Tash Acres’ 1% club.

What if you got everyone in your business/golf club/networking group to join too?

A tiny bit of collective Discipline makes Daring absolutely possible.

And if you use Ecosia to search the web, you can plant even more trees without even noticing.