January 12, 2023

Bottom up, inside out

“The ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make and could just as easily make differently.” David Graeber.

Somewhere back in the 15th century, probably unintentionally, we remade our world, creating a system we now call capitalism.

This system is so good at reproducing itself  it now includes everyone and everything on Earth – and even beyond. Whether they like it or not.

We’ve trapped ourselves inside a system that is good for some, very bad for others and terrible for our planet.

It wasn’t always this way.   It doesn’t have to stay this way.    We can change the system.

But how?  Especially when the people at the top are those that benefit most?

Our small businesses are worlds we make and can easily remake.

Why not start there?   Build a tiny version of the kind of world you’d like to see:  democratic, participatory, responsibly autonomous, humane, non-extractive.   Liberating.

Bottom up, inside out.

Until one day, we are the new system.