August 1, 2022


Improving how you make and keep your promises starts with feedback.

You don’t need to start with the whole thing – just the bit you are currently uneasy about.   So, if you’re attracting plenty of business right now, you can skip Share Promise and concentrate on Keep Promise.  Or if you’re confident you can Keep promise efficiently and effectively, but want to reach more clients, start with Share Promise.  If you’re looking to move into new markets, start with Package Promise.

Wherever you start, there are only really 3 things you need to measure:

  • what it costs you to do
  • how people feel about how you do it
  • and ideally, how much value you create for your client as a result

And if you can measure these as a side-effect of doing the job, so much the better.

That way you don’t even have to be there.