June 9, 2022

Writing it down

Sometimes, it seems we business owners have a problem with writing things down.

On the one hand we think we have to pin down every last detail; dot every i; cross every t and cover every eventuality, so that absolutely nothing can go wrong.   On the other hand, we fear that writing down anything at all will somehow stop our people thinking for themselves.

The answer is to sketch.  Make a picture, not a document.

We humans are very good at working out what’s going on from sketches, outlines and broad strokes.  We can follow the basics, and use our imaginations to fill in the rest.

If your ‘business imaginations’  are bounded by a clear and comprehensive Promise of Value, a sketch of what has to happen to make and keep that Promise is usually enough to be helpful without stifling imagination.  You can always elaborate further where needed.

A sketch is much better than an excruciatingly detailed tome that we’d never have time to read.

And way better than a blank sheet of paper.

It’s discipline that makes daring possible.