February 9, 2022

Packaging to serve

The great thing about your Promise of Value is that defining it can start with you.  Your values, abilities and personality act as a kind of mirror, reflecting the kind of people you can best serve.

At some point though, you have to map what you can offer onto what those people actually want and need.  You have to make it concrete, and describe it in terms that mean something to them, that make it easy for them to buy, rather than for you to sell.

That’s what I call Packaging your Promise, and I’m having to find new words for how to do it, because most common terms are seller-centric – ‘identifying a market’, ‘positioning your product’, ‘channels’ and ‘routes to market’ etc.  That’s a problem, because you’re not selling – in fact you can’t ‘sell’, because as my good friend Barnaby Wynter puts it “Put simply, the buyer has taken control of the buying process”.

What you’re actually trying to do is help the people you serve to buy what’s best for them right now to deliver what’s good for them in the long-term.

And that changes everything.