February 11, 2022


I’ve been having some technical issues lately.  There’s an error somewhere in the network between my machine and the server that hosts my websites.  It’s probably something trivial – like a misspelled street name on an envelope, but its been tricky to track down.

Having ruled out the obvious culprits, the search began.  And that was the hardest part.   How do I know what to search for when I don’t know what the problem is? I literally hadn’t a clue.  The only option was to try something and look at what came back to guide my next search. After a few searches, a path became clear.

Learning how to market your services feels the same.    How can they find you when they don’t know you exist?   How can you show them you exist when you don’t know what they’re looking for?  Where on earth do you start?

The solution is similar, and takes, not magic, or money, but patience.   Put something out there and see what comes back.  Adjust and repeat until the path becomes clear.