September 27, 2021

Let’s make the world a different place.

‘Better’ is a tweak; a change, a slight adjustment.

‘Better’ focuses on detail and ignores the bigger picture.

‘Better’ says ‘mental health is a problem, let’s sell mental health first aid‘.

‘Better’ says ‘plastic is a problem, let’s make people pay for plastic bags’.

‘Better’ is a tranquiliser ad captioned: “You can’t change her life, but you can change her mood.”

‘Better’ says ‘here’s another app/product/brand to add to the dozens, hundreds even, already in that category’.

‘Better’ says ‘we can keep doing what we’re doing only greener’.

‘Better’ accepts the status quo.  Supports it.   Allows us to feel good about ourselves, without actually changing anything.

The world doesn’t need us to make it a better place.

It needs us to make it different.