October 15, 2020

Where, When, What, and How

We think often about the motivation of the people we wish to serve: ‘They must be ambitious to grow‘, ‘They must be seeking change‘, ‘They must be hungry’.  

But according to B J Fogg, behaviour designer and author of ‘Tiny Habits‘ there are at least two more factors we need to consider.

The first is ability.    Motivation means nothing without the ability to act on it, so when packaging up your Promise of Value for sale, it helps to think about what formats will work best for different clients’ abilities to act on their motivation.

These kinds of question might help:

  • Where is each potential client in their journey?
  • When is it a good time for them, to discover me?
  • What can I offer that is the best thing for them, where they are right now?
  • What could make it not work?
  • How can I make sure it works?
  • How can I make it easier for them to enrol with me?

The Promise is the same, but the format may make all the difference to whether someone buys.