January 9, 2020

To err is human

We all make mistakes.   We misjudge, we make assumptions based on prejudice and false knowledge.  We mis-time, we say the wrong thing, the wrong way.   We forget the right things, remember the wrong things.

We are after all human animals, driven by hormones, emotion and primitive responses.

We are complex evolving systems, living inside complex evolving systems.  There are bound to be mismatches.  And mismatches are one way we learn to evolve further.

So mistakes are bound to happen.   You can prevent many of them through process and a ‘golden rule’ that allows anyone to deal with unforeseen scenarios in line with your Promise, but you won’t prevent all of them.

Whether you like it or not, the way you deal with mistakes is part of your Promise.  But there is a way to make errors work for you and actually strengthen your Promise.

Be human.