November 5, 2019

Showing up

You can’t help the people you serve unless they know you exist.   So the first step of sharing you Promise of Value is to show up where they are.

That does not mean bombarding them with adverts, or selling at all.

It just means being there, alongside them, with the others who are like them, demonstrating in every action and interaction that you understand and empathise with people like them.

This sort of showing up is much easier and cheaper than it used to be.

You can write a blog, or create a podcast or videos.   You can attend the exhibitions they go to, join the networking groups they join, or even better set up your own, just for them.   Or, since you’re absolutely clear on the psychographic, and have narrowed down on the demographic – the pool you’re fishing in – you can approach people directly.   Call, email, send a letter.  Visit.

Showing up is not selling.  It’s the groundwork for helping people to know that you are there, ready, willing and able to help if and when they need it.

Think of it as the start of a long conversation.   Like all conversations worth having, this one requires your effort, attention and empathy.