May 7, 2019

Us and Them

Nothing says ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ quite like a wall.   Whichever side you’re on.

Except of course that isn’t how people work.

In practice, each fort along the wall becomes the nucleus of a community, a vicus or neighbourhood, made up of the garrison and the local people who service it; adopting each others’ fashions, assimilating aspects of each others culture.

As a business, it pays to be really clear who your Promise is for; to put a metaphorical wall around ‘Us’, so that a prospect can easily tell which side they are on.

But it shouldn’t be set in stone.  Walk your boundaries regularly, see where new neighbourhoods are forming and adjust accordingly.

PS my friend Lisa Settle is trekking the other Wall to raise funds for more research into Type 1 Diabetes.