April 12, 2024

From delight to fury, via a little geometry

My reading is nothing if not eclectic.

An old friend bought me ‘Ballet Shoes’ because we both remembered it as one of our favourite chidhood reads. I read it again right through on my birthday afternoon. Then remembered ‘Party Frock’ my other favourite of Ms Streatfield’s ouvre.

My husband bought me ‘Invisible Women’ because he knew I would find it interesting. He probably regretted it, because at every other page I said “You won’t believe this… X@&!” It’s what I call ‘a gnasher’ – makes me so angry I want to gnash my teeth. It’s also a tragic eye-opener to how women the world over are oppressed. I’m coming more to Murray Bookchin’s view that this is the source of all our modern troubles.

I bought myself the ‘Shape’ book because I was crap at maths at school, but have found it strangely fascinating since. ‘Shape’ did not disappoint, though I admit I skimmed over some of the very maths-y bits. It made me see how maths can model a lot about how things work in the world – even politics.

I recommend all 3 of these books. Each one keeps it’s promise well, even though those promises are wildly different from each other.