March 5, 2024

Motivation isn’t just about reward

I’m a big fan of employee-ownership. Whether as a co-operative or direct shareholding or an employee ownership trust, giving people a stake in the success or failure of the business they work in is an obvious motivation booster.

Really well-designed performance related pay can work too. Although designing it so it can’t be gamed is extremely hard.

But motivation isn’t just about how you reward people for doing a good job. It’s about making it easy and enjoyable to do a good job in the first place.

That means sharing your context, vision and purpose, so everyone gets the big picture.

It means putting people in charge of big, meaningful, customer-oriented processes, so that people know why they are doing what they do.

It means automating drudgery, so that people can use their individuality and creativity where it matters – to serve other people.

It means letting everyone not work on the system, not in it, so they can bring their whole selves to bear on the fundamental purpose of your business – to make and keep promises to the people it serves, enriching them, your people and the planet in the process.

It means creating a framework that supports all of these things.

Then getting out of their way, so you can wath the motivation bloom.

Discipline makes Daring possible.