December 11, 2023

Dodgy business

What they promise the sender: “Pay a bit extra and we’ll get it to your customer in 48 hours. Pay a bit more and we’ll make it 24 hours.”

What they tell the receiver: “Your parcel will be delivered between XX:XX hour and YY:YY hours. By the way, that’s an aim and not a promise.”

What neither of you know, unless you talk to your postie: “We refuse to employ more people, so we’ve instructed them to only deliver to a third of their round every day.”

I’ve waited anything from 2 days to a week for a delivery that was paid for as a tracked 24. I don’t mind waiting, my deliveries aren’t urgent.

But I really, really resent the sender being ripped off. It’s their reputation which suffers. They who have to issue refunds and apologies to people whose delivery was urgent.

There was a time when being a small business was considered to be rather dodgy. Only big business was reliable. Somehow the roles have reversed. The bigger the company the dodgier it’s ‘acceptable’ to be.

The answer?

More, bigger, small businesses, doing the right things well and fairly, without turning ‘corporate’.

As Michele Zanini put it so nicely the other week: to get bigger on the outside, you need to get smaller on the inside.

Discipline makes such Daring possible.

Ask me how.