November 28, 2023

Client feedback

Feedback isn’t just for your team.

For example, the people at Zoe have really thought about how to use feedback to inform and motivate their users. Not just to get us enthused about starting the programme, but to keep us enthused about sticking to it.

As a user, I am in total control, I can eat whatever I like, however much I like. But I choose what I eat based on the information Zoe gives me about the effect a food will have on my body. I can get that information about food before I buy it, just by scanning the barcode. I can combine foods to balance effects out. I can balance meals over a day and days over a week, then see exactly how I did on key measures like processed foods, poor quality fats, fibre and protein levels. If I go too heavy on fat with a meal I get a warning to bring it down for the next one, or leave a longer gap. And every day I am prompted to reflect on a few key indicators – hunger, energy levels, digestive process, weight and size.

It’s quite an effort, but because it works, and I can see it works, I stick to it.

All that feedback isn’t just for me, Zoe use it too, to add to their ever increasing database of facts about participants as a whole, and to improve how the system works.

But it is mainly for me, because that’s what keeps me paying.

So, if you work with clients to transform themselves or their business, especially if that transformation is a long, slow process, what feedback could you give them that keeps them invested and lets them know how far they’ve come?

It’s a question I’m asking myself. If you’ve already got answers I’d love to see them.

Thanks for reading.