September 7, 2023

What is this thing we call ‘The Boss’? The founder’s view.

‘The Boss’ is a monster!

It makes me Hyde when I want to be Jekyll.

It makes me owl when I want to be flowers.

It makes me angry and distrustful, when I want to inspire.

It makes me nit-pick when I want to mentor.

It makes me micro-manage when I want to delegate.

It makes me control when I want to lead.

It makes me focus on the day-to-day when I want to make dent in the universe. A dent that matters.

I can’t ignore ‘The Boss’. I spend my evenings and weekends wrestling with it. It won’t let me leave. I can’t go on holiday – not properly. My body may be on the beach but my head is wondering what the monster’s up to while I’m away. I’m often on the phone or laptop, checking in.

‘The Boss’ is everything I hated about working for someone else – the workflows, the time-sheets, the pointless meetings – everything that got in the way of doing a great job. Everything that stopped us focussing on what really matters – the client.

Everything I swore I’d never become.

‘The Boss’ is a monster.


Sometimes I think it’s my team.



It’s not a monster.

Its just a gap.

When you close it, ‘The Boss’ will disappear.

And everyone will be free.


Discipline makes Daring possible.