May 19, 2023

The point about a Score

The point about a musical score is that it tells you where you are, what comes next and where you’re trying to get to.

So when your bow breaks in the middle of your passionately executed violin solo, you can simply borrow one from the lead violinist and carry on. And so can the rest of the orchestra.

Ok, the pause breaks the illusion for a second or two, but the experience as a whole doesn’t break down. In fact, it becomes more memorable.

Not because it ‘failed’ but because of the ease with which it was got going again.

The only change you might want to make afterwards is to add a spare bow to each performance.

The point about a customer experience score is that it enables you to keep your promise, creatively, no matter what.

Discipline makes Daring possible

Ask me how.

HT to @Bev Costoya for the prompt.