March 3, 2023

Baby step

What’s the smallest step you could take to get started on your Customer Experience Score?

Try this:

  • Choose a job you shouldn’t be doing.
  • Find someone to help you – ideally the person you wish to delegate the job to.*
  • You tell them what needs to happen to complete the job, they write it down.
  • They have a go at doing it, following their notes.
  • You observe, and where it goes wrong, between you, you modify the instructions to get the outcomes you want.
    • You clarify what really happens  (not what you think happens).
    • They suggest ways to make it easy for them to do.
  • They write up the improved version.
  • Save the latest version where everyone can get at it.

Repeat until you have a section of your Customer Experience Score that can be run reliably by anyone who needs to.

*If you plan to outsource the job to another business, get a friend/fellow business owner to help you do this, then hand over the finished Score as part of your specification for the supplier.


  • Assume competence.
  • Start with the (usually positive) 80% case.  You can capture major exceptions later.
  • Think ‘Get Outcome’ – what’s true at the end of the process that wasn’t true before?  So it’s easy to tell when you’ve succeeded (or not).
  • Start at the very beginning and carry on right to the end.  You’re trying to capture a transformation that is meaningful to your client and therefore your business.
  • The quicker you test it, the quicker you can improve it.
  • If it feels like you’re trying to fit too much in, you probably are.
  • It’s a prompt, not a novel.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Remember, it’s about the process not the people.

And for the visually minded:


Even a little bit of Discipline makes Daring possible.

Ask me how.