February 7, 2023

It’s always been there

When you’re composing your Customer Experience Score, it’s important to remember that your customer experience music has always been there.

If it wasn’t your business wouldn’t be doing as well as it is.   You have clients who love what you do for them.  You have employees and suppliers who love working with you.   The music is there and it appeals to others.  You’re an expert at playing it.

When we become experts, we turn things we used to have to think about into habits we unconsciously perform.   Some of those habits are excellent.   Some are not so good.   They’re simply the habit we got into that made things ‘good enough’ at the time.

Some habits are downright bad, but we keep using them because to do otherwise takes conscious effort, and when you’re busy looking after clients and teams, that’s hard to do.

Your first job as ‘composer’ of your Customer Experience Score is to make the music as good as it can possibly be.   To surface all your habits, and consciously choose to keep the excellent ones, improve the ‘good-enough’ ones and ditch the bad ones.

It’s an opportunity to deliberately assess whether you could do even more for your clients, or do what you do 10 times or a 100 times better.   To make sure that your music truly reflects your Promise of Value, and to re-shape it so that it does.

This is not straightforward.  Dredging stuff up from your subconscious is hard work.  So it helps to have a framework to build on, and a critical friend to encourage you, push you, suggest solutions and hold you to account.

That’s where I come in.

Discipline makes Daring possible.

Ask me how.

The changes and processes you recommended are coming together nicely. But it all takes so much time!   Slowly but surely I’m disappearing as a boss though :).