August 3, 2022

How people feel about how you do it

Finding out how people feel about how you do what you do is a bit harder to do than working out costs, because you can’t automate clients.

But if you stick to the idea of making it part of the process, you increase your chances of getting good feedback when you need it.

Remember those events you’re interested in?    When a prospect makes an enquiry; when a prospect becomes a client; when you welcome a client onboard, when the particular promise you made to this client has been kept.

You probably already send an email in response to those events, possibly even several emails along the way.   Why not include a simple satisfaction survey as appropriate?

The important thing here is to keep it really simple – no typing required, just clicks, and no taking the client off to some tedious questionnaire.

Keep the format to a prompt on a dimension that matters to them followed by a simple ‘It’s all good’/’It’s not good’, plus an option to explain if moved to do so.  If people have strong feelings about how you do what you do, they will want to share them.  It’s good customer care to enable that.   Even better, an option to have someone call them to find out more.   Keep the number of prompts down to 2 or 3 if you can.

One more thing.   ‘People’ doesn’t have to just mean clients.   Your team are people, your suppliers are people, your neighbours are people.  Some of your shareholders are people.   Finding out how they feel about how you do what you do might prompt some really interesting improvements.

A little bit of Discipline makes Caring possible.