May 20, 2022

Why am I doing everybody else’s job?

Your business is attracting more clients, so you take on more people to help you serve those clients.  But those new people aren’t up to speed with how your business works.   So they falter, and when they do, you step in and take over.

Gradually, over time, you find the faltering happens sooner, the taking over starts earlier, until one day, you wake up and ask yourself ‘Why am I doing everone else’s job?‘.

Because you’ve allowed your team to shift the burden of getting things done ‘the way we do them round here‘ to you.  You’ve more than allowed them, you’ve positively encouraged them:

Stop fixing the faltering, and fix the reasons why they falter instead.

If your team falters it’s because they don’t know what you know, they don’t believe what you believe, they don’t know what you value, and they don’t have your muscle-memory of how your business works.

So, get the music of how your business works out of your head and into a shareable, updateable format.   Share it with your team.  Train them in it.  Let them practice it.

Before you know it, they’ll be playing your music better than you.