March 4, 2022

On a Friday

Every Friday morning, I start my day with a Zoom call as part of a group called Like Hearted Leaders.

I’ve been pondering why it is that I enjoy it so much.

Is it that we often share a laugh, or a tear, or an insight?

Is it that Claire Perry-Louise 🤝 Community Architect creates spaces where we can think, question and have difficult conversations with ourselves and others?  

Is it that I’ve met and made friends with some wonderful, inspiring, creative people?

It’s all of these things.

But mostly I think it is that like-hearted doesn’t necessarily mean like-minded*.   I don’t always agree with everyone, nor they with me.  But together we extend the boundaries of our knowledge, build up our empathy muscles and learn more.

That makes this group one of the most stimulating and productive I’ve ever joined.

If I ever create a ‘workplace’ again, this is how I want it to be.

What groups like Like-hearted Leaders and The Carbon Almanac teach is that you don’t need contracts of employment to create an enterprise.

Start with a clear Promise of Value, a clear ‘way we do things round here’ and a structure that defines the floor, but no ceiling to what is possible.

Then add like-hearted people and set them free to lead.

*See for yourself in our forthcoming book: ‘On a Friday’. Written, designed and produced by us, for like-hearted (but not necessarily like-minded) leaders like you.