March 17, 2022

How to capture a business process – Step 7

When you’re designing a process, bear in mind the reason you are doing it.

All the processes in your business are part of a system – your unique system – for making and keeping promises for the people you serve:

Your Promise System

More importantly, design it so that the person executed can see this context, and act accordingly.   Otherwise, you’ll find yourselves missing the point completely.

The answer is to not think of it as a ‘process’ at all, but as a musical score.   A score describes what notes to play in what order.   Not because ‘that’s the way to do it’, but to evoke a desired emotional response in the listener.  That’s why a score will often contain words as well as musical notes – that give hints on how to play, not just what to play.

The ‘process’ is the floor.  The context is where the magic happens.