March 10, 2022

How low should you go?

When you’re trying to capture your Customer Experience Score, it’s easy to get yourself bogged down in detail, trying to nail down every step of every activity to the nth degree.

You can avoid this by reminding yourself who you’re writing the process for – a competent human being, not a machine.

One of the great things about humans is that you don’t need to tell them everything.  They can fill in the gaps from their experience, using their skill and judgement.

So if you find yourself documenting the equivalent of ‘make a cup of tea’ in excruciating detail, you’ve gone too low.  On the other hand, if everyone following your Score has to stop and ask you “What am I supposed to do here?“, you’ve stayed too high.   If some of your players are too new to know already, by all means, document ‘how to make a cup of tea’.   As part of their training, not part of the Score.

The only way you’ll know how near you are to the sweet spot is to do it, find out and adjust accordingly.