February 8, 2022


I’ve finally found a way to lose weight effortlessly – get more sleep.

Sadly for me, this isn’t an answer.  I get a good 8 hours a night.   And even that may not be natural.   In the past, getting those eight hours took longer.  People took two sleeps, with a gap between, where they might read, chat, sew, make love or even get up and do stuff.

Industry made that impossible for most people.  For the past 500 years or so we’ve gradually compressed the opportunity for sleep into a smaller and smaller timeframe.

Which is of course counter-productive.  Well-slept people are mare productive, and less dangerous to themselves and others.

For all the emphasis on LEAN and reducing all forms of waste, Muri – wasted effort due to overburdening or stressing people, equipment or systems, is the one we consistently ignore.

One of the best ways to reduce it, is to increase the efficiency of our time at work.   Automate drudgery, make sure people know what they are supposed to be doing and why, give them autonomy over how and where they do it.

The reward for the business is increased profit.  A side-effect is more time for everyone – including you.