November 1, 2021

New tunes

“Research carried out by Oxford Economics found that it takes recently hired professional workers 28 weeks to reach optimum productivity – which has an attached cost of £25,200 per employee.”

Why is that?

Because even if your new hire has worked in your industry for years, they haven’t worked in your business before.  They don’t know what you know, don’t believe what you believe, and don’t do things the way you do them.

You may have started out as a one-man-band, doing covers.   But by now you play your own music, nobody else’s.   That’s why your best clients love you.   That means that no matter how experienced, every new person that joins your team has to learn new tunes.

Maybe it’s time you got that music out of your head?    So others can learn to play it more easily and more quickly.  Bringing their own personality and flair to the performance right from the start.

And you can spend less time telling them where to put their fingers.