October 19, 2021

Old possibilities

We always imagine our current social setup to be permanent, unchanging and somehow natural.

So it comes as a shock to discover people living in a completely different setup, that works for them as well as or better than ours does for us.   Nobody is allowed to starve or freeze to death.  Nobody gets to tell another what to do – not even their wives.  There are no prisons, no palaces, no paupers, no police.  There is no money.  People hunt or work the land as individuals, then pool the results to be shared out according to need.   They aren’t angels – they quarrel, fight and even kill, but they aren’t devils either.  They are adults, treating each other as adults.

It comes as even more of a shock to discover that since we arrived on their shores they’ve taken a look at our way of living and decided that theirs is more humane, more rational, more free. 

European ‘civilisation’?

No thank you.

The response?  If you can’t get them to join you, beat ’em. 

Then pretend you never saw that.  Pretend that the people who did made it up.  Pretend that it could never work like that here.  Paint a different picture of what these societies were like.  Make sure it’s hard to check them out.

But once you know about these things, you can’t unknow them.  They become possibilities again.  And today, its easier than ever to spread the word.

I’m only one chapter in, and already, I thoroughly recommend this book.