September 3, 2021


When we are trying to package our Promise of Value into products and services, it’s easy to think in terms of adding things.  Making the list of features and benefits so long that a prospect will have to scroll through pages of copy to get to the ‘and all this for just ££££!‘ line.

What if, when you reached this point, you went away, had a cup of tea, and on your return started taking things away again.

All those bells and whistles and extras are there to justify to yourself the fees you want to charge.   Or a response to your perceived competition.   Just because everyone else does, doesn’t have to mean that you should.

They don’t really add value to the client.   In fact they obscure the real value you can offer.

Be brave, pare away the unnecessary embellishments.  Reveal the truth of your Promise.   As simple as possible, but no simpler.

So that the right people – your people – will recognise it.  And welcome it.