June 30, 2021


I love conversations.  Proper conversations, that sometimes get passionate, even heated.  Where the interplay of light shed by multiple perspectives allows new insights to appear between us.   Where I can feel new creases forming in my brain as I change my thinking.

A philosophical workout, if you like.

Good conversations allow new knowledge and wisdom to emerge.

Great conversations do it on purpose, with questions that are designed to bring out the participant’s wisdom, and a structure that helps that wisdom emerge in a coherent form.   Discipline makes Daring possible.

Having them recorded is priceless – you can pick up on insights you missed in the thick of things, and of course, share them with others.


I was lucky enough to be part of one of these recently with Scott Perry of Creative on Purpose.   Our conversation isn’t available yet.   You can look out for it here.

Why not enjoy some of his earlier conversations while you wait?