December 8, 2020


Every year my insurance broker calls me up to remind me that I need to renew.   This is good.   I love not having to remember.

What’s not so good is that every year, for every policy, they ask me the same long set of questions about my address, contact details and circumstances.   This gets boring.   I’ve objected, but they insist that they need to collect this information ‘for GDPR‘.  They probably also think they need to collect it all every time to prevent fraud.   The trouble is, it makes me feel like I’m under suspicion, which makes me just want to get though it without thinking too much about it.

A prompt can be a better way of eliciting information than a questionnaire.  If nothing has changed, it saves time.  If something has changed, a well-thought-out prompt can help uncover all relevant information.  My favourite example is from Lakeland.  You get asked it at the checkout:

“Did you find everything you were looking for today?”  

If your answer is no, they come out and help you find what you want if they can.  Imagine what that does for sales, and for repeat business.

My insurance broker could start by asking me what’s changed in my life since we last spoke.   In most years, that would speed things up considerably.  In others, it’s a prompt to mention anything that will might affect my cover – it may even uncover new opportunities to help me, without making me feel like a suspected fraud.

A good prompt invites openness.   And in most cases, that’s what you’ll get.   There’s no need to treat everyone like a suspect.