October 12, 2020

Other eyes

I don’t subscribe to a huge number of blogs.   I don’t have time to read them all.

The ones I do subscribe to:

  1. Reinforce my worldviews, but put things in a different way, that helps me see nuances I’ve missed.   That’s one way worldviews change.
  2. Tell me things I didn’t know before, and can’t un-know now.  That’s another way worldviews change.

It just so happens that today’s converge neatly:

Coffee and Junk

Seth’s Blog

The Phone Lady

Actually if it comes to it, that’s why I read anything – fiction, non-fiction, ads on buses, the sides of cornflake packets.  It’s also why I like to have conversations (occasionally heated) with people I don’t agree with on everything.

We learn from seeing through other eyes.

That’s also how we really connect.