September 29, 2020


You might feel that writing down the Customer Experience Score for the business you founded is a bit, well, dictatorial, despotic even.

But I can tell you, having a score I can consult myself, whenever I need to is more liberating than whatever is currently locked inside your head, expressed only as “I can’t exactly explain it to you, but I know it when I see it, and right now I see you’re getting it wrong.”

Especially when you add that the first, prescriptive draft is just the beginning.  Once defined and shareable, the Customer Experience Score belongs to the business, not you.   It becomes open to critique, discussion, improvement by everyone.

A long time ago, we worked with a shop owner.   He was adamant about the way customers should be treated when they came into his shop, lavishing attention on them to make them feel welcome and supported.   Until we demonstrated that by treating one customer this way, he was actually being extremely rude and unwelcoming to whoever came in next.

Whatever it looks like, your Customer Experience Score is much better for your business outside your head.