July 22, 2020


This week, work started in earnest on our new extension.   I’ve spent quite a bit of time already, observing it.

Not, I hasten to add,  because I’m eyeing up young, fit workmen, but because I’m fascinated by the process.

How stop-start it is.   How much shuffling around of stuff is involved.   How much collaborative problem-solving it involves.   How many adjustments are made.   How ad-hoc it seems.   In other words, how Agile it is.

Of course this is just the beginning, when the team are getting to grips with the actually existing terrain, so they have a lot to find out, on the fly, before the more systematic parts of the process can kick in.   Agile is completely the right approach.

It’s a privilege to watch.  And the essence of why humans beat robots any day.

Despite all the hype.