December 4, 2019

Dissecting the Promise, Part 2: in a way that is completely congruent with your values, beliefs and style,

Clients and customers don’t just buy the product or service we sell, nor even the promise of moving one step nearer to being the person they want to be.

They also buy the experience of buying and the experience of that becoming.

Which means that the experience of buying and becoming has to be consistent with their values, beliefs and style – with both who they are and who they want to be.

Imagine trying to deliver that experience to someone with whom you share not a single value, belief or style.  You would feel like a fraud.   They would feel it too.

It’s much easier (and more satisfying) to start by clarifying our own values, beliefs and style, so we can intentionally attract like-minded clients and customers, and deliver an experience that’s authentic for both of us.

To be truly fulfilling for both parties, customer experience has to be built-in, not bolted on.