September 27, 2019


Get a bunch of small business owners together where I live and they’ll wax lyrical about no longer having to commute to London to work.    For some it means as much as 15 hours a week to spend on something else – family; sleep; self-care or productive business.

There are good reasons why teams sometimes need to get together to work, but to me at least it seems odd to see bigger and bigger white collar factories go up in London, when most people would be more productive working from home.   After all F International cracked how to do this successfully way back in the ’70s – long before the technology we have now made remote working easy.

In which case the need to commute must be about something else.   A need for community perhaps?  Cross-pollination?   Status?   Control?

I don’t know the answer, but it might be worth asking the question for your business.