April 18, 2019


For at least the last 189 years, we’ve known that overburdening people, equipment and systems leads to mistakes, wasted effort and sometimes, tragedy.

We know that people, systems and even equipment need rest. Time out to repair, recharge and recalibrate.

In the past, days off work were imposed by law – admittedly not so people could rest, but so they could observe religious holy days, but at least they were guaranteed non-working days for almost everyone.

That is no longer the case. Now that consumerism is the national religion and online shopping never stops, we are individually responsible for making sure we take rest days. And the vestiges of our national holidays make that a bit easier to achieve.

So, this is my reminder to have a break. From work, from shopping, from the day-to-day.

Enjoy the long weekend.

See you Tuesday.