June 7, 2024

Why it’s always worth going beyond the obvious

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something deeply satisfying in digging past the familiar, the taken-for-granted, the no-longer-questioned ‘realities’.

There’s even more satisfaction to be had in finding that the way you thought it was isn’t how it actually is at all. That it’s all more complex, more fascinating and more damn interesting than you thought.

I’m so lucky.

I don’t just get that satisfaction from reading books like these. I get it as part of my work, delving into the archaeology and anthropology of the amazing businesses I work with. Excavating, exposing and enhancing all that brilliance so that it can be seen and shared far and wide in all its unique and quirky glory.

Because we humans only grow by questioning things.

Especially the things we think we know already.

Like: ‘There can only be one Boss’.

Discipline makes Daring possible.