June 11, 2024

Which problem do we really need to solve?

A pin used to be something precious, hand made, expensive.

A thing that you’d be lucky to find, and sure to pick up and keep if you did.

That was before someone invented the pin factory.

The pin factory, with its production line and strict division of labour, was the epitome of efficiency. 

It meant that thousands more pins could be manufactured, which in turn meant more people could afford to own them. Until eventually a pin became the epitome of worthlessness, a thing you wouldn’t bother to pick up if you dropped it. 

The factory model solved a production problem.

But products aren’t the only thing we make when we work. 

We also make people.  

And ever since Adam Smith, we’ve known that this pin-factory approach makes unhappy people.

Humanity no longer needs to be efficient. 

We no longer have a production problem.

We have a distribution problem. We have an unhappiness problem. And we have a survival problem.

Isn’t it about time we turned to a different mode of production?

One where the survival of our species is the side-effect of work that produces lives well lived for everyone and everything on this planet.

The good news is that unlike a pin factory, this doesn’t need top-down investment. It doesn’t take enormous amounts of capital.

We can start from the bottom up, in our own small businesses.

By modelling them as an orchestra of Bosses, instead of a pin factory.

Discipline makes Daring possible.