June 24, 2024

If your Promise of Value doesn’t cover everything you do, it means nothing.

I have to admit that public toilets are another bugbear of mine. Usually the lack of them, and often the sheer bad design of them.

On first walking into this disabled toilet, in a location I won’t name, my immediate impression was of spaciousness.

But that impression was soon erased by noticing how close the handbasin was to the toilet seat, how the toilet rolls were stored against the wall behind the toilet and how the sanitary disposal unit was 3 feet away on the opposite wall.

Spacious, yes, but a shockingly bad layout for an able-bodied person, never mind the people it was intented to help.

And this was in a place “where design lives”, apparently.

If you have a clear Promise of Value, live it everywhere, not just in the showroom.

Otherwise how can we be sure you really mean it?