June 28, 2024

What it really means to be human

“Under neoliberalism everyone has to negotiate their fate alone, bearing full responsibility for problems that are often not of their own doing.” Henry Giroux

A fossilized ear bone unearthed in a cave in Spain has revealed a Neanderthal child who lived with Down syndrome until the age of 6, according to a new study. The find suggested that members of the community cared for and looked after the vulnerable child, who lived at least 146,000 years ago.” Mercedes Conde Valverde and 12 others, via Science Advances and CNN

We are all a little bit Neanderthal. It’s in our DNA.

Neoliberalism is not who we are. It is not our nature, never has been.

So the question to ask is, as always:

Who benefits when we believe it is? Who gets off the hook?